Hot. Hotter!


HELUKABEL’s new feedback and servo cables are heat-resistant up to 90°C. (© HELUKABEL)

HELUKABEL is the first european manufacturer to upgrade their motor and feedback cable product portfolio (TOPSERV and TOPGEBER) from 80°C to 90°C UL styles. One of the reasons for doing this is the higher temperatures often found in areas near the motor, such as motor terminal boxes. “The present market norm is 80°C UL styles, but optimised materials and manufacturing methods allow for higher heat resistance. It also makes sense from a technical viewpoint, as it extends the service life of the cores,” he explains. HELUKABEL uses polypropylene materials (PP) for the core insulation. The higher heat resistance is the result of technical improvements to these materials. In theory, PP is thermally stable up to 110°C. We’ve intensively tested the material in climate chambers and can confirm thermal stability up to 90°C over an operating period of 30,000 hours. Polyurethane (PUR) is then used to sheath servo and feedback cables. This material offers plenty of benefits for dynamic drag chain applications where the focus is on long-lasting flexibility and high abrasion resistance. The market launch of the TOPSERV and TOPGEBER 90°C UL style assortment started in November 2017 and has been continuing since.